Media Kit

Experts Directory

Need an expert for your story? UNBC has hundreds of experts in areas as diverse as environmental engineering, biochemistry, business, physics, and the arts, all with a perspective unique to northern BC. Visit our online experts directory or contact the communications office for immediate assistance.

High-Resolution Images

Since September of 2002, all photos taken by the Office of Communications have been shot and catalogued digitally. We have more than 50,000 high-resolution digital photographs available for use by the media. Please scroll through the gallery at the bottom left of this page and contact the communications officer if you would like a high-resolution image or to ask about other images available in our inventory.

All photographs on this website are the property of UNBC. By using any UNBC photo, you agree to these terms and conditions.

News Conference Locations

The Prince George campus provides several excellent facilities for media events. Most locations feature natural light, spectacular architecture, excellent power availability, on-campus audio-visual services, live television transmission capabilities, and food and beverage provision. If you are planning on visiting campus to work on a story, please notify the communications officers.?