Policies Recently Enacted or Revised

Academic and Non-Academic Student Conduct

UNBC is committed to creating a scholarly community characterized by free expression, open debate, critical and free inquiry, and diversity of thought and perspective; the orderly and safe enjoyment of University facilities?by all members of the University Community; and the proper functioning of the University and protection of University property.

The Academic and Non-Academic Conduct Student Policy?defines students' responsibilities as academic community members, defines inappropriate student conduct, and provides procedures and outcomes to be invoked if students engage in such behaviour. Each student is responsible for their conduct that affects the University community.

Other Relevant Policies for Students
Student Appeals

All students have the natural and reasonable right to appeal grades given during the term, the final grade of a course, requirement to withdraw, decisions the University makes regarding academic misconduct and suspension resulting from non-academic misconduct. The Senate Committee on Student Appeals is the final adjudicator in such matters.

*NOTICE:? We are currently reviewing our official inventory of UNBC Policies and Procedures.? If you are unable to locate a Policy or a related Procedure, or to confirm that the version you are working with is current, please contact Heather Sanford or Shari Hoff at policy@unbc.ca.?

Current UNBC Policies and Procedures may be viewed on SharePoint, by clicking the link below.? If you are unable to access SharePoint, please contact Shari Hoff at policy@unbc.ca to request a specific Policy.

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