Research Chairs

UNBC is very proud to be a partner in the Canada Research Chairs Program, intended to ensure that Canadian research and development is globally competitive. It is the objective of the federal government to help universities become centres of leading-edge research and research training. To assist in accomplishing these aims, research professorships—Canada Research Chairs—have been established in universities across the country. The positions enable universities such as UNBC to create outstanding opportunities to attract elite researchers. The British Columbia Knowledge Development Fund and the Canada Foundation for Innovation have also contributed to the success of the program at UNBC, by providing funds for the purchase of equipment critical to the research goals of the institution’s Canada Research Chairs. An enhanced research and development culture in Canada will contribute to improved international competitiveness in the knowledge-based economy, and ultimately to an improved standard of living for Canadians.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at UNBC

Canada Research Chairs Program (CRCP) Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Public Accountability and Transparency Requirements

UNBC is also honoured to host BC Leadership Chairs, as well as a number of Forest Renewal BC Endowed Chairs and the Ian McTaggart Cowan Muskwa-Kechika Research Professor. The holders of these research chairs contribute to UNBC's success as a research-intensive university and enhance our ability to carry out locally inspired and internationally significant research in our strategic research areas.

BC Leadership Chairs

Henry Harder
Dr. Donald B. Rix BC Leadership Chair for Aboriginal Environmental Health

Thomas Tannert
BC Leadership Chair In Tall Wood and Hybrid Structures Engineering

Endowed Chairs

Phil Owens
FRBC / Endowed Research Chair In Landscape Ecology

Ellen Petticrew
FRBC / Endowed Research Chair In Landscape Ecology

Ché Elkin
FRBC / Slocan Mixedwood Ecology Chair

Oscar Venter
FRBC / West Fraser Growth and Yield Chair

Heather Bryan
Ian McTaggart Cowan Muskwa-Kechika Research Professor

Knowledge Mobilization Chair

Martha MacLeod
Northern Health - UNBC Knowledge Mobilization Research Chair

Industrial Research Chair

Déry, Dr. Stephen? ?
BSc, MSc, PhD? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??

Professor, Environmental Science
NSERC/RioTinto Industrial Research Chair in Climate Change
and Water Security

Phone: 250-960-5193

Dr. Déry’s research focuses on cold regions hydrometeorology using a combination of field and satellite observations, various hydroclimatic datasets, and computer modelling. The long-term goal of the NSERC/Rio Tinto Senior Industrial Research Chair in Climate Change and Water Security is to better monitor and assess recent changes in weather and precipitation patterns affecting the Nechako Watershed, to establish their impacts on changing seasonal snowpack evolution and on the vast network of streams and rivers of the Nechako Watershed. More information can be found?here.

Canada Research Chairs

  • Dr. Sarah de Leeuw
    PhD Professor, Northern Medical Program and Geography Canada Research Chair in Humanities and Health Inequities

    An award winning researcher and creative writer whose work focuses broadly on marginalized peoples and geographies, Sarah de Leeuw grew up and has spent most of her life in Northern British Columbia, including Haida Gwaii and Terrace. She is the Research Director of the Health Arts Research Centre and teaches in the areas of Indigenous peoples well-being and health humanities.

  • Dr. Sarah Gray
    BSc, PhD Assistant Dean - Curriculum, NMP Associate Professor, Northern Medical Program Canada Research Chair in Integrative Physiology of Diabetes

    Dr. Gray joined the Northern Medical Program in 2007 and became a Canada Research Chair in the Integrative Physiology of Diabetes in 2013. She is a biomedical researcher examining the underlying mechanisms of obesity and type 2 diabetes. Her research group is interested in understanding how hormones control body weight, with a specific interest in how adipose tissue function is affected by hormones in obesity. In addition to lab-based science, Dr.

  • Dr. Brian Menounos
    BA, MA (University of Colorado), PhD (University of British Columbia, 2002) Professor, Geography Canada Research Chair in Glacier Change

    Brian is a professor of the Geography Program at the University of Northern British Columbia and a Canada Research Chair in Glacier Change. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia in 2003.

  • Tristan Pearce
    BA, MA, PhD Associate Professor, Global & International Studies Canada Research Chair in Cumulative Impacts of Environmental Change

    Tristan Pearce is an Associate Professor in the Global & International Studies Program at the University of Northern British Columbia, where he is also the Canada Research Chair in the Cumulative Impacts of Environmental Change. His research examines the cumulative impacts of environmental change for communities, using this understanding to identify and evaluate pathways for adaptation with a focus on the Arctic, Pacific Islands Region and BC.

  • Dr. Thomas Tannert
    PhD, PEng Professor

    Thomas Tannert joined the University of Northern British Columbia in 2016 as BC Leadership Chair in Tall Wood and Hybrid Structures Engineering. Thomas received his PhD from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, a Master’s degree in Wood Science and Technology from the University of Bio-Bio in Chile, and a Civil Engineering degree from the Bauhaus-University Weimar in Germany. Before coming to UNBC, he worked in multi-disciplinary teams in Germany, Chile, and Switzerland and was Associate Chair in Wood Building Design and Construction at UBC.